Black Streaks on Roof


What Causes Black Streaks on Roof?

Although there are several different reasons that would cause black streaks on roof including bacteria, water damage and stains from rusty drain pipes. In order to effectively evaluate the issue you will first need to get a closer look at the damage. Closely analyze the patterns and physical consistency of any residue that may be present. Whereas if the black stains were caused by a fungus, bacteria or algae, you will notice that the stains – at a closer glance – are actually patches of living organisms on your rooftop! Damage caused by water damage would present a flatter damage pattern and bear a more stain-like consistency – still wet while the surrounding areas appear lighter and dry.

How to Repair Black Streaks on Roof

Depending on the reason the stains developed, there can be very simple solutions to help you remove the black streaks on your roof such as simple soap and warm water. In cases of light to moderate stain damage, many homeowners report a high success and low repeat rate by using the old fashion soap and warm water followed by boiling hot water to kill any bacteria which may be growing. In cases of more extensive damage caused by the bacteria gloeocapsa magma or other fungus stimulated by heat and moisture, statistics show a higher success rate with hi-grade chemical products to kill the fungus. To avoid the hassle and mess that can come with using some of these products, your best bet is to hire a professional service, like us, to handle the issue for you. You can save yourself the headache of having to maintain the roof on a regular basis to avoid the bacteria from returning after extreme weather conditions.

How to Avoid Black Streaks on Roof

There really isn’t much that can be done to stop the black streaks from coming back.  The zinc strips actually make things worse.  You can remove the trees around your home to allow the sun and wind to dry your roof.  We also offer a preventative maintenance plan, where we’ll come out and spray your roof once a year to keep it clean.  This is common after we clean a roof; but we also offer this service to homeowners with clean roofs as well.