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Thank you for visiting our pressure/power washing web page.  If you have any questions, or would like a Free pressure/power washing quote, you can call us 216-323-0552.  Ace Painting has been a pressure/power washing company in the Cleveland area for over 11 years.  Through the years we have developed different cleaning solutions for pressure/power washing.  These new solutions have enabled us to use lower pressure when pressure/power washing.  We call it soft washing.  We try to let the soaps do the cleaning and not the pressure.  Experience, top of the line equipment and great chemicals are three reasons why you should choose Ace Painting over other pressure/power washing companies.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Cleaning

  Vinyl siding cleaning and aluminum siding cleaning offer different challenges.  Aluminum siding cleaning is tricky due to the “chalky” nature of it.  We can get it a lot cleaner, but it won’t be 100% clean.  If we tried we would blow and scrub the finish off.  We can, however, get it a lot cleaner than it was and prevent any further damage from happening.  Vinyl siding cleaning on the other hand is a much easier surface to clean.  Unless it is caught early, shot gun mold and artillery fungus will not come off.  Pressure washing/power washing wood siding presents other challenges as well.  When I am pressure washing/power washing wood surfaces I definitely give it a soft wash.  The hardness of the wood varies, one minute everything is fine, the next you hit a soft spot and can damage the wood.  That’s why I let the chemicals do the cleaning and just rinse with the pressure/power washer.  Loose objects (paint, caulk etc) can be blown off when pressure/power washing which is why we prefer to soft wash whenever possible.


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