Pressure Washing / Power Washing

Pressure Washing / Power Washing

Pressure Washing – Power Washing Cleveland, Akron, Canton and the Surrounding Areas

Ace Painting's Hot Water Pressure Washer / Power Washer
Ace Painting’s Hot Water Pressure Washer

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   Painting is how we got our start in pressure washing.  Before you can paint a house, you need to power wash it.  Over the years we learned quite a few tricks of the trade.  Finding all the specialized tools for the various jobs produced better results, while making us more efficient.  More importantly, we found out that the right cleaners made all the difference in the world.  Most importantly we purchased a hot water pressure washer and once we started using hot water we noticed how much cleaner everything came.  Using hot water and knowing the right cleaners to use allows us to use lower pressure, which is safer for your property.  Hot water and the right cleaners are the only way to clean some stains.

Gutter Whitening / Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning / Gutter Whitening

    Gutter cleaning / gutter whitening can be tricky when power washing.  As you can tell by the picture it can produce dramatic results.  Most of the time the gutters will look “like new”.  These results are achieved by applying the cleaners to the gutters, letting the cleaners dwell on the surface of the gutters, then a gentle scrubbing and  followed up with a good rinse.  One word of caution though, and that is,  not all gutters come clean.  This summer we’re going to try some different cleaners and see if we can hit 100% cleaned at the end of summer.

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