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     Does the paint on the outside of your Brecksville home look to be peeling or chipping?  If that’s the case than your home could use a new paint job.

       A new paint job will keep your Brecksville home looking fresh, clean and new.  Of course you can buy a can of paint and paint your home yourself;  but that can be an overwhelming task.  The first step to painting the exterior of your house is to clean it.The method used to clean your home is called pressure washing.  Power washing also will remove some of the loose paint.  Professional painting companies use pressure washers to not only remove loose paint.  We also can use power washers to clean concrete, decks,  patios, driveways and sidewalks.  Pressure washing is only the first step in painting your Brecksville home.  Power washing only removes some of the loose paint, the rest will need to be hand scraped.  We will also need to caulk and prime your home before painting.  Once all the prep. work it’s time to start painting.  We will normally apply 2 full coats of paint to your Brecksville home.

     Home painting can be a hassle and a dangerous business.  It requires you to climb ladders and scaffolds..  Professional painters, like us, start your work with a professional pressure washing,  and finish the project with quality paint.  We have the right equipment to make your Brecksville home beautiful again and make everyone in Brecksville jealous.

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