House Painting Testimonials – Power Washing Testimonials – What People are Saying about Ace Painting & Exterior Cleaning

*September 3, 2008
Mr.Victor Ragon Assistant Manager Sherwin Williams Paints 5059 Turney Road Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125
Dear Vic, As you know, I recently decided to paint the exterior of our century old home here in Garfield Heights. I decided that Sherwin Williams paint would be the best choice for the project. As a homeowner who paints his home on a fairly infrequent basis, it is a challenge to choose a painter that can be trusted to provide a high quality paint job at a fair and equitable price. I thought, Vic, that with your experience and background in painting that you may help me in choosing a painter that could provide the workmanship that I was seeking. You may recal helping me choose Tom Buczak, of ACE PAINTING, and I wanted you to know how very pleased we were with his work. Tom decided to fully power wash our home before painting, which was important to help remove all dirt as well as all mildew and mold. He also, unlike other painters we had talked with, decided to apply two full coats to our home. He completed the much-needed prep work and patched all broken wood siding and completely caulked all cracks and openings in all surfaces. Needless to say with the high quality Sherwin Williams paints and the workmanship of Tom Buczak at Ace, we have one of the most beautiful looking homes in the neighborhood.
Thanks again for all your help.

Frank P

*I would use you again you were so quick to respond and act. ~Romana A.

*Prompt, courteous, very professional and accomodating ~Casear D.

*Great ~Fred P.

*Wonderful ~Lauren S.

*When we buy our new home you bet Ace Painting will be at the top of our list ~Jose And Elizabeth K.

*Painting was done today and looks great ~Louis P.

*Very Prompt, courteous and quality ~Chris C.

*Tom was very easy to work with, courteous and listened carefully to my needs. He treated me with respect ~Thelma M.

*Very good-Timely estimate and work done promptly. Everything was handled so well that we wanted to proceed with Ace and we were very pleased with our decision. Work was done beautifully. ~Barbra And Troy C.

*Excellent, Good quality work and pricing ~Mike A.

*Very timely and we are very pleased with the willingness to match the color. Thank you Tom ~Reginald and Thila J

*Very good and thorough ~Charles H.