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Why You Should Stain Your Wood

Why You Should Stain Your Wood

Why You Should Stain Your Wood

Should you stain your wood? There are a number of benefits when it comes to staining your wood. While many see it as a hassle, it can in fact go a long way to creating a more resilient surface for whatever your need may be. From making it waterproof, to protecting from rot and the sun, to the simple pleasure of changing it’s color, staining your wood has a number of advantages.


If you have a wood deck, or are otherwise exposing wood to the exterior environment, then water will be an issue. Whether from rain or a build up of humidity, water is excellent at causing organic material, like wood, to disintegrate. Staining your wood can help make it waterproof. The stain itself helps form a barrier between the water and the wood. Now, instead of being absorbed into the wood, the water will run off harmlessly.


Being an organic material, wood is susceptible to rot. In fact, the chance of rot is increased when you are in an environment where there is a great deal of moisture. This, along with a number of other potential causes, will make your wood more dangerous, as rotten wood is significantly less table to apply weight to. Along with moisture, staining your wood will help keep out mold, mildew, termites, pests, and many other potential causes of rot.


Besides moisture, one of the greatest threats against a wood deck is the constant effects of the sun. The sun will damage unprotected wood, causing it to break down quicker then it would normally. By staining your wood, you help create a barrier against the sun, as well as slow down the rate of discoloration.


One of the most popular uses of staining is to change the color of the wood to match your personal preference. A variety of different colors can be achieved with wood staining. In addition, pigments can be added to the staining to create an even greater range of possible choices. When combined with the beneficial effects of staining wood, it is no wonder why people include staining their wood as a necessary part of their wood treatment.

As a final suggestion, consider hiring a professional to help with your deck staining. With any luck, you will be able to find a reasonable price and benefit from the experience and expertise a professional can bring to the job. For more information on stain your wood check out our website and make sure to give Tom at Ace Painting a call at 216-323-0552 for your free estimate today!



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