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Thank You for visiting Ace Painting’s website.  If you have any questions, or would like a free quote call me Tom at 216-323-0552.  If you prefer you can email me.  Ace Painting has been in business for over 11 years.  Our mission is to perform Quality work at an Affordable price.  We have been local painters for over 11years.  Our painters can tackle any of your painting needs.  We are interior painters, exterior painters and aluminum siding painters.  We also do a lot of deck cleaning, staining, sealing and painting.  Decks or anything wood are nice projects to take on.  We can take an old beat up deck and make it look new again.  Something you would be proud to have the family over for a bar-b-que on.

At Ace Painting we are not just quality painters.  Before you paint, you need to pressure wash/power wash.  The demand for pressure washing/power washing has steadily increased over the years.  Every year we pressure wash/ power wash around 100 homes.  Over the years we have found better cleaning solutions and that has allowed us to use lower water pressure when pressure washing/power washing.  We call it soft washing.  Concrete and brick cleaning is another service we offer.  Whether it’s a dirty driveway, sidewalk, patio or anything cement or brick, we can clean it.

One day while I was in a local pressure washing store I noticed a product they sold to remove graffiti.  I tried it out and it worked great;  so I decided we should do graffiti removal.  We added brick and masonry restoration when a friend told me ha had a quote to clean his building for $9,500.00.  I told him to wait and I would look into it since I already had all the needed equipment.  All I needed to do was to find the right chemicles.  I found them and cleaned his building.  I was amazed how clean it came.  Gutter cleaning is another service we perform.  With our winters, gutter cleaning is something you should do at least once a year.

For years I would drive around noticing all the black streaks on most roofs.  I would think there has to be a way to clean a roof.  I did a few months of of researching on roof cleaning.  I did some experimenting with different chemicles and came up with a great roof cleaning mix.  Every roof cleaning I do I am amazed how clean they come.  By the way do not waste your time or money (like I did) on the stuff at the hardware stores.  You also do not want to use a pressure washer to clean your roof.

At Ace Painting, we are licensed, insured and carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  Our service area is Cleveland to Canton, Ashtabula to Sandusky and all cities in between.  We accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards through PayPal.  If you have any questions, or would like a free quote call us at 216-323-0552.

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For years I would drive around noticing all the black streaks on most roofs.
I would think to myself, "their has to be a way to clean a roof." I did months of research on roof cleaning. I found out the roof stain was actually a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of algae is contained in and transported through the air and tends to collect and grow on your roof. The pigments produced by this algae can cause a white roof to turn black.

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Concrete & Brick Cleaning Services

Ace Painting Brick CleaningBrick and masonry restoration and cleaning is another one of our services that I love to do. You can take a building with 100 years of pollution on it and make it look like it did when it was first built. The chemicals used are quite strong. They can etch glass and pit wood. Brick/masonry restoration or acid washing should be done before windows and doors are replaced. The process is simple, spray the chemicals on and wait for about 20 minutes. Give the brick a light scrubbing and then rinse with a pressure washer. Most of the time it will need 3-4 coats, but when you are done acid washing the building will look brand new.

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Cleveland Painters

Usually hiring good painters, especially in Cleveland, is a hard thing to do. People tend to spend lots of time looking for painters in the search engines, in paint stores, in flyers or in painters directories. Some people tend to ask the people they know to refer good painters to them. All these methods are proven for finding a painter in the city of Cleveland, but they usually take lots of time and effort. Do you want to save yourself this trouble? We will do all the work for you. We will provide you with a free quote and we will make sure you get a high quality paint job.

Some people think that hiring a painter is not neccessary, but in reality if you paint your home yourself you will never get the same quality as you will if you hire professional painters. We provide the residents of Cleveland with professional painters who can expertly take care of all of your painting needs.

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